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Contingent Workforce is an equal opportunity employer to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, national origion, veteran status, disability, and any other category protected by the law. 

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Our Mission

The mission of Contingent Workforce revolves around our customers and employees. We strive to fulfill their needs by seeking the highest quality talent and connecting them with the highest quality careers. Our customers and employees are at the highest priority of our business, and their goals in turn become our goals. We accomplish those goals in an efficient, ethical, and socially responsible manner. Contingent Workforce is here to serve our customers, employees, and our community.

Our Core Values

At Contingent Workforce, our values stem from the values that each employee brings to the business. Ethics is the top core value of ours. In business, you can make all the money in the world, but if you are not achieving profitability ethically, can you really feel good about that "accomplishment"? We do not believe so. If it was not for our customers and employees, we would not have a business. To have customers and employees, we must conduct business ethically. Quality is another core value of ours. We strive to achieve the highest quality services with every single job placement, whether it is a onetime temporary position, or a long term professional placement. Our third core value is care. At United Unlimited, we strive to take care of every customer and employee the way they deserve. We want our customers and employees to know that we are putting the most care into each job placement we have. Our customers and employees will only be better off once they connect with us. 

Meet The Team

Hunter Stiehler

Vice President of Business Operations

Hunter started operations of Contingent Workforce in January of 2018 with his brother Brandon. He oversees all business operations including recruiting, sales, finances, marketing, legal, and more. Hunter is a graduate of Duquesne University, class of 2018, where he earned his Bachelor's degrees in Information Systems Management and Business Law. 

Brandon Stiehler

Vice President of Finance

Brandon started operations of Contingent Workforce in January of 2018 with his brother Hunter. He oversees all finance operations which includes the finance, accounting, payroll, billing, accounts receivables, and accounts payable departments. Brandon is a graduate of Duquesne University, class of 2017, where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Finance. 

Bill Barker


Bill is the head recruiter at Contingent Workforce. He is actively seeking candidates and placing candidates at our premier positions we have available. Along with recruiting candidates and conducting interviews, Bill takes pride in customer satisfaction by connecting with our customers to make sure all orders are filled and ensure all of their needs are met. 

Patricia Miller

Administrative Assistant

Patricia is the administrative assistant in our Cheswick office. Among many responsibilities, she sets candidates up for interviews, assists candidates get set up on our computers to fill out their applications, and ensures that the candidates in our office have a quality experience in finding a new career.